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Thursday, March 2, 2017
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(Premium SSH 3 Maret 2017 fast server United States and Singapore). (Android SSH 4 March 2017 India and Pakistan). SSH and VPN 3 - 4 March 2017 Chile and Peru. Tips on choosing and using Cloud Computing Services. Once you know the benefits and risks of cloud computing services, as well as understand the types of cloud services, now we will give some tips for choosing and using cloud services. In regard to the own customers who most understand the needs of the business and the customer, should also think about the strategy of maintaining business continuity. Business continuity planning is always needed in business, either when the system is running either on premise or in the cloud. "Application or Business Continuity must be thought by the customer. Or if customers want to discuss it with the provider, the customer must deliver to the provider, my business this way, I want a high SLA, there should be no lost data, should not be for example over an hour to down.
One example of the real use of this service is to test a neighborhood or environment. This includes the funding and management of the infrastructure, such as physical assets, manpower, and time. The configuration process to create an environment needs to be a long time. With the presence of cloud computing, the process will be much easier. That's because on cloud computing, virtual resources available number overflow.

Another advantage of wearing a cloud computing is processing large amounts of data. This ultimately could positively impact on their business because the process of data analysis can be done with instant. Retailer and supplier have been many who use the service to collect information from their clients. Processing of cloud also allows them to learn from consumers shopping patterns more easily. That way, they can do an ad campaign appropriately. Social media platform now provides an option to read behavior for business users. That information can later be used in the operations of their business.

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