Account SSH 3 April 2017 Singapore: SSH New 4 4 2017

Sunday, April 2, 2017
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(Config SSH 3 April 2017 unlimited server Japan , Singapore and Peru). (SSH Android 4 April 2017 India and Pakistan). SSH  Server 3 - 4 April 2017 Egypt and Nigeria. Hosting is a service space (space) for storing the data text, images, audio and video files that can be accessed from anywhere (online). Hosting is also equipped with protocols such as FTP and HTTP for ease in accessing data, besides hosting can also be used to manage email. Usually the hosting service provider (hosting provider) provides certain packages that are tailored to the needs of the customer, such as hard disk space quota, bandwidth quota, programming languages, and database.
Account SSH 3 April 2017 Singapore: SSH New 4 4 2017
Shared Hosting. Hosting is a service that is shared by other users. The users of this service using resources of either software or hardware or IP Address together. Hosting as it is affected by any process that is performed by the user, if there are users who do the hosting of excessive and burdensome process server, then other users will be affected, such as the server to be slow there is even the possibility the website becomes inaccessible. For example if a shared hosting servers affected by the hack, or hardware failure then the whole shared hosting users will be affected as the website could not be accessed. Server owners surely will do the monitoring routine and gradual process that occurs in the server, usually an admin will do suspend an account against a user who performs disturbing offence or against the performance of the server

This type of hosting is often used for hosting solutions to the needs of a large-scale or complex. The user can select or provide the desired server specifications, which are then placed in a data center. Users can use server resources freely because the Administration server managed or owned by the owner of the server. Dedicated servers are used by service providers hosting (shared hosting/vps), application service provider, or Web sites that have high traffic and high resource or need. If seen from the price, the management of dedicated servers is quite expensive compared to shared-hosting or VPS.

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