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Sunday, December 4, 2016
Create SSH Server 5, 6 Desember 2016 data center hosting United States, Canada and Singapore| SSH Free 6 December 2016 Germany and Thailand. SSH Premium 5/6 12, 2016 Peru and Mexico. (SSH Gratis 6 Jan 2016 Malaysia and Indonesia). Get To Know A New Hypertext Transfer Protocol. The standard Hypertext Transfer Protocol or protocols commonly known as HTTP, already 16 years running. Now the standard HTTP protocol has been finalized with the name finished HTTP/2. The new HTTP protocol standards are currently in the process of editorial, which in the future will be released into a new HTTP standards. Hypertext Transfer Protocol or commonly known as HTTP is a standard created by Sir Tim Berners-Lee, that functions as a regulator of access between the user's browser with the server hosting the website. This forms the Foundation of the application protocol data communication for the World Wide Web.
Hypertext Transfer Protocol version or called with HTTP/2 is a development of the previous standard, i.e. HTTP. HTTP/2 is one of the biggest changes since the predecessor version of HTTP, since the previous version was last updated on the Hi years ago, i.e. in 1999. Http/2 using data encryption that is much better than the previous version, which no doubt will influence throughout the entire site and the browsers that exist at the moment. This change is certainly making the communication between a browser with the server became more efficient.

SPDY Protocol created to speed up the loading of a web page. This protocol uses multiplexing and compression column headers function browser request to a web server through a single connection. This Protocol requires only minimal resources while the browser do the request data to the web server, so that it can reduce the burden. With a single connection and minimal resources, making the Protocol SPDY speed up loading on web pages. HTTP/2 is able to increase the speed of data transfer. This is because, in this new version, the browser will always be connected to the server (previous versions of the browser and the server will be connected if the data requested from the browser).

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