Free SSH 23 January 2017 United States++ (SSH Squid 24 1 2017)

Sunday, January 22, 2017
Server SSH 23, 24 Januari 2017 update premium server Singapore, France and United States. SSH Squid 24 January 2017 Iran and Poland. SSH Account 23/24 1, 2017 Indonesia and Malaysia. (SSH 25 Feb 2017 Iran and Nigeria). The influence of Cloud Computing on your E-commerce business. Since its appearance, cloud computing and applied rapidly by organization or companies around the world. Cloud computing provides a great influence to the business of the company. E-commerce is one of the industry's be affected by features of cloud computing. Many E-commerce companies are beginning to expand their business with long term strategy involving cloud computing. In the E-commerce system there are two layers i.e. technical architecture and business transactions, based on the technical architecture itself. Technical architecture is the Foundation of E-commerce. Technical architecture consisting of software and hardware. On the technical architecture this is a fashion business and E-commerce marketing strategy can be realized.
Free SSH 23 January 2017 United States++ (SSH Squid 24 1 2017)
Cloud computing will affect significantly to the technical architecture of E-commerce. Cloud computing enables new principals in the E-commerce business to rent hardware and software without making a purchase, thereby reducing the cost of development of the system. Traditionally, the E-commerce company to buy all the necessary hardware and software. When the purchase of hardware and software accounted for a high percentage of operating costs of E-commerce, particularly small and medium enterprises. With a virtual platform on cloud computing, E-commerce companies can select and hire an IT products and services upon request so that it can build the technical architecture. In addition the model "pay-as-service" which is very flexible, E-commerce companies are helping to pay for resources on request.

Even though cloud computing is beneficial against the development and technical architecture E-commerce, but the security and stability of the system is still a major challenge. When all the IT resources such as hardware, software, network and application data stored on the cloud platform as a service, users do not need to worry against the security and stability of the platform. However, if the cloud platform that attacked, important data E-commerce transactions will be lost. In addition, the customer's privacy could become obstacles for cloud application of E-commerce.

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