SSH Gratis 23 January 2017 Singapore: SSH Free 24 1 2017

Sunday, January 22, 2017
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(Premium SSH 23 Januari 2017 fats server Singapore and Malaysia). (SSH Squid 24 January 2017). SSH Free 23 - 24 Jan 2017 new server Brazil and Columbia. E-Commerce business in the Era of Cloud Computing. According to Matthew Driver, MasterCard President for South East Asia, Indonesia is one of the countries with the largest E-commerce market in the Asia-Pacific region. Although the number of sales is still low compared to other countries, but the development of E-commerce business in Indonesia is quite rapidly and does not cover the possibility can compete with other Asian countries that have first generates E-commerce sales higher than Indonesia.
SSH Gratis 23 January 2017 Singapore: SSH Free 24 1 2017
Ebihara Takeshi Rebright Partners co-founder in one panel discussion said that E-commerce is the gate of the early growth of the ecosystem. When E-commerce matured, then other Internet business will join the raised, including travel, health sector, and more. Redwing estimate market value of E-commerce in Indonesia between $1 billion to $10 billion by 2015. Predicted in the next three years the market share of E-commerce Indonesia will grow by 250 percent. Rapid development of E-commerce in Indonesia was certainly influenced by the technology infrastructure supporting. Many E-commerce companies in Indonesia that began to expand their business with long term strategy involving cloud computing.

As we review earlier, cloud computing provides a significant impact in the business of E-commerce especially in the lining of the technical architecture. Cloud computing enables new principals in the E-commerce business to rent hardware and software without making a purchase, thereby reducing the cost of development of the system. In addition the model "pay-as-service" which is very flexible, E-commerce companies are helping to pay for resources on request.

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