SSH 19 Februari 2017 Singapore: Gratis SSH 20 2 2017

Saturday, February 18, 2017
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(SSH Gratis 19 February 2017 hosting premium America and Singapore). (Akun SSH 20 February 2017 Egypt and Nigeria). SSH VPN 19 - 21 Feb 2017 update data center Indonesia and Malaysia. Select local or Server Hosting on the outside? Currently many hosting companies offering Indonesia hosting service on the local server which means that the server was in his backbone with Indonesia IIX. Not a few others offer hosting in Indonesia with US (United States) based servers. Or commonly called US based hosting servers. There are even offering both at once.
SSH 19 Februari 2017 Singapore: Gratis SSH 20 2 2017
And then the question we have to choose which one? Made use of local server for hosting in Indonesia is the faster access of visitor, located in Indonesia. But looking at the condition of the blackout listik lately in Indonesia and Jakarta in particular, more or less affects the stability of the IIX. The advantage of US based server hosting in Indonesia is easy to google ranking, very good also if the visitor to our website varies from outside Indonesia as well as local and if a problem occurs on our website IIX will remain online.

Current access website is hosted on servers outside of Indonesia were not much of a difference. The other is the case if the days of the Internet are still using dial-up in the times a few years ago. Us based server is more reliable in the network as well as the stability of the data center due to the durability and speed of their servers are tested.

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