Free SSH New 9 November 2016 Singapore: SSH 10 11 2016

Tuesday, November 8, 2016
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(SSH Free 9 November 2016 update nw secured shell host USA, Singapore and Malaysia). (SSH UDP 10 November 2016 Turkey and Saudi Arabia). SSH Premium 9 - 10 Nov 2016 Brazil and Columbia. Nowadays many people who got interested with cloud hosting service. First an websites hosted on a dedicated   server only standard. One dedicated to one server to host's many websites. Sometimes on a shared hosting account,   create an email server, and several database stored on a dedicated server. But the weaknesses in this case i.e.   If the dedicated server service is down or an error, then the website buddy will also join the down or error. And   in this very different once the Cloud service that exists on the server.
Free SSH New 9 November 2016 Singapore: SSH 10 11 2016
Highly Scalable cloud Server which has the meaning, can choose the hosting in accordance with resource use. In   this case such as tariff pulse mobile phone, pay only in accordance with the usage. If you only use a little   resource then a few others paid resource. But if you suddenly get a high enough traffic then the cloud will   immediately expand the resource. Cloud hosting will automatically provide a resource what need. the website will   not be down or offline only due to high traffic spikes. In this case it will be billed based on the additional   resource has been used. And in this case cloud hosting cost-effective. And remember, buddy still own hosting in a   virtual environment rather than sharing.

Cloud Hosting is more powerful and reliable, in this case are more reliable Cloud Hosting has become a subject of   debate and a very fierce for the user community hosting service. However, according to IT, if the Newbie is seen   in terms of a standard case of shared hosting, where if any one of the dedicated server down, then that happens   on the website also will instantly join the offline. But very different once the existing Cloud hosting, Cloud   hosting is comprised of multitudes of nodes or a dedicated server. So in this case, the website will not be   interrupted or down although one or two nodes offline at the same time.

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