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Saturday, April 22, 2017
(Unlimited SSH 23 April 2017 hosting vps America and Singapore). (Bitvise SSH 24 April 2017 server Italy and Germany). SSH Premium 23 - 24 April 2017 Poland and Australia. cPanel vs. Plesk. This difference and Advantage. For many users, the IT platform is a matter of preference. The same is true on a Control Panel used by a hosting server. will discuss about cPanel vs. Plesk Control Panel. Let's look at two popular Hosting Control Panel today, namely the cPanel and Plesk Control Panel. cPanel and Plesk quite similar. They have most of the same features. But after all, it has a difference. Here are some differences between cPanel with Plesk Control Panel.
User Interface/User Interface. Plesk has the look of the user interface is very clean and practical, so it is very easy to use and learnt even by a beginner. Any application for various installation easy and centralized. cPanel is a control panel that is most widely used in Indonesia, so it's possible the user Indonesia more familiar with cPanel's display. But to learn it is not as easy as studying the Plesk Control Panel.

cPanel only runs on CentOS, RedHat and CloudLinux and cannot be run on a Windows OS. While Windows OS still rule the world, the cPanel is more "limited". Plesk Control Panel is far more fkesibel in these points, because in addition to support Linux, Plesk Control Panel can also be run on a Windows OS. Clearly more flexible than with Plesk cPanel because of its ability to use cross-OS. cPanel comes with Web Host Manager (WHM) as standard, though shared hosting users will not see the WHM unless they upgrade to a reseller or VPS hosting. CPanel side is for website owners, while the WHM is for server administrators. Although related, the two systems have a separate interface and login. Plesk, on the other hand, have a single login for administrators and users. With the Plesk Control Panel, the ease make email and subdomain will be more felt. In the Admin Panel Plesk look more professional.

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