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Sunday, August 28, 2016
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(Client SSH 29 August 2016 today share again more server America and Singapore). (Unlimited SSH server 30 Agustus 2016 France and Brazil). SSH Account 29 - 30 August 2016 Japan and South Korea. Shared Hosting vs. VPS. When do we have to wear a VPS? "Before we headed of this we must first understand how the heck the resource or resources that we need for the website we are awake? If indeed the website we're waking up does not currently require a high resource and is still able to be handled by Shared hosting then we don't need to do the upgrading to a VPS. We just need to upgrade to a higher resource which is still within the scope of shared hosting.
If we feel our website is on a shared hosting feels slow when accessed we must first know how the resource earn and how big the resource that we use. All of that is no limit and set by each provider, the provider does not mean slow ugly. First we have to know how to work linux from the CLoud discussed in the article entitled "what is CLOUDLINUX?" When we reached the limit of your resoruce we can't conjecture resource provided by the hosting provider.

Do tuning or optimization on the website. Do the tuning or optimization is often referred to on the website is necessary and should be done. This optimization themes, content, css, js, or more. This should be done on the website if the website is considered very important. Use website optimization services if we are indeed still do not understand this. If we do not do direct do optimization and upgrading to a VPS then later this would be the same in one day, because our website is basically a need high load with a high load (not in optimization) it will spend a high resource anyway, because there is no process compresing.

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