Free SSH 31 Oktober 2016 America++ (SSH Account 1 11 2016)

Sunday, October 30, 2016
SSH Premium 31, 1 October 2016 all best server United States, Singapore and Malaysia. Create SSH Host 31 November 2016 Vietnam and Columbia. Fast SSH Unlimited 31/1 11, 2016 Indonesia and Canada. (SSH Server 2 Nov 2016 Italy and Holland). What is Fantastico Deluxe. Fantastico is a software that contains a collection of popular web applications that are integrated into cPanel.Fantastico itself is actually a plugin or additional programs that can be installed in cPanel. Fantstico enable automatic installation (AutoInstaller) open source applications and CMS. Webmasters who would like to install open source applications or CMS should create a database and upload files to the server, but using Fantastico, webmasters do not need to do so because they wish had been done through Fantastico thus saving time.
Free SSH 31 Oktober 2016 America++ (SSH Account 1 11 2016)
With this fantastico we can install dozens of scripts website easily and quickly. Call it a WordPress blog, Joomla, Drupal, OsCommerce for the online store, and so forth. Without fantastico You must download these scripts from the official website and then upload to a web server manually and then perform the installation process. Long and complex for those who still lay in the management of the website. With fantastico you can do the installation of these scripts only once installed. It is easy and fast. Effective and efficient. The person who first makes any website can directly use fantastico and build a sophisticated website.

If using Fantastico, a webmaster does not need to perform the steps above because everything will be done by Fantstico. With Fantastico, webmasters only need to install and fill out some required information. Fantastico not only provides auto-installer for the CMS, but also shopping carts and e-commerce applications, forums, and others. Here is a list of applications that can be installed through Fantastico.

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