Latest SSH 26 November 2016 America++ (SSH 27 11 2016)

Friday, November 25, 2016
Fast SSH Hosting 26, 27 November 2016 today update again new server United Kingdom and France and Singapore. SSH VPN 27 November 2016 Vietnam and Thailand. SSH Squid 26/27 11, 2016 Japan and Korea. (SSH for Mac 28 Dec 2016 Spain and Portugal). How to change the parameters of Swappiness on Linux. Swappiness kernel parameters required are defining how much and often copy the Linux kernel memory pages from RAM to the swap. Swappiness parameter in linux has a default value that is 60. This value can be adjusted between 0 to 100. The bigger, the more aggressive swappiness kernel will use swap. Swappiness parameter controls the tendency to move the kernel process from RAM to the swap. Because the memory swap is generally slower than RAM, this causes response time becomes slower on systems and applications, if the transfer of memory pages from RAM to swap or otherwise too often.
Latest SSH 26 November 2016 America++ (SSH 27 11 2016)
Look at the process that is using the Swap on Linux. Using swap on Linux can slow system performance. Is something that is normal, when the system Linux use swap, although the amount of RAM that is available is still quite a lot. Because the kernel will move to swap pages of memory to applications that are rarely used. The use of swap space will only cause problems when RAM is not available. In order to ensure processes and applications can continue to run, the kernel will be forced in.

Swappiness Parameter change in Linux. Swappiness when set to 0, it means that the kernel will prevent the process of swapping out of physical memory (RAM) as long as possible. Whereas when swappiness set to 100, then this instructs the kernel to run the process of swapping aggressively from physical memory to swap memory. Thus reducing the value of the parameter swapping will increase overall system performance in general usage. Swappiness parameter value recommended is 10, but you can experiment to adjust a value swappiness appropriate to the characteristics of the use of a Linux server used.

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