Premium SSH 7 November 2016 USA, CA++ (SSH 8 11 2016)

Sunday, November 6, 2016
Update Server SSH 7, 8 November 2016 full speed host server America, Vietnam and Australia| SSH Windows 8 November 2016 Japan and Korea. SSH  TCP 7/8 11, 2016 India and Columbia. (SSH SSL 9 Nov 2016 Asian and Europe). This time we will try to discuss a bit about the sense of KVM, XEN, OPENVZ, may be able to assist the user in his use of the VPS. Kernel-Based Virtual Machine (KVM) Kernel-Based Virtual Machine (KVM) is one of the technologies of virtualization (hypervisor) developed by Linux. KVM is a solution to do virtualization on Linux with x 86 hardware type (64-bit). KVM kernel module is implemented as a Linux kernel change tapes loadable into bare metal hypervisor. There are two main design principles adopted by the KVM with the goal of keeping KVM into the hypervisor with high performance open source hypervisors and surpass others.
First, because it was designed after the emergence of KVM virtualization technology assisted hardware (hardware assisted virtualization), KVM does not need to implement a feature that has been provided by the hardware. KVM requires an Intel VT-X or AMD-V and use those features for virtualization CPU. Because it utilizes the hardware support was available, the KVM was able to devise an optimal hypervisor solution without the need for hardware that supports the load and do not need modification to support operating system guest.

Second, the team applied the KVM adage "don't reinvent the wheel". There are many components required by hypervisor KVM virtualization in order to be able to discuss the CPU and memory, such as: Memory Manager, process scheduler, i/o stack, device drivers, Security Manager, network stack, and so on. In fact, a hypervisor is a specialized operating system, just that purpose hypervisor different from other general purpose operating systems. Running a virtual machine hypervisor, not applications. Because the Linux kernel already includes the core features required by hypervisor and Linux has become a stable enterprise-scale platform for over fifteen years, KVM built on the Linux kernel to make it more efficient, rather than writing all required components such as the memory manager and Scheduler from the beginning.

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