Update Fast SSH 10 November 2016 Singapore: SSH 11 11 2016

Wednesday, November 9, 2016
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(SSH Server Update 10 November 2016 from host vps Singapore and United States). (SSH Squid 11 November 2016 Canada and Iran). SSH Windows 10 - 11 Nov 2016 France and Spain. Understanding Of Client Server Networks. Network client or server, the server specifically used for the processing, storage and records management. The server is in charge of receiving the request from the client, prepare it and send back the result to the client. For that server requires special computer hardware specs that are far better than the hardware for client computer weren't for should be able to serve: request simultaneously in large numbers. Network management activities ensuring security on a network resource.
Update Fast SSH 10 November 2016 Singapore: SSH 11 11 2016
In the context of the database, client set interface serves as a workstation running the application places data base. The client receives a user request, check the syntax and generate the need database in SQL or another language. Then forward the message to the server, waits for the response and the response to the end user. The server receives and processes the data base query then returns the results to the client. If the client and server is placed on a different computer then different CPUS can process applications in parallel. This makes it easy to change the server machine if you only process your data base.

The following is a summary of the functions of the client-server: Client. Set up the user interface. Receive and check the syntax of the input from the user to process the application. Generate database requests and move it to the server. Provide a response back to the user. Provides access the database simultaneously. Provides control of recovery.  Architecture refers to the design of an application, or where the components that make up a system is placed and how they communicate.

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