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Wednesday, December 21, 2016
Unlimited SSH Server 22, 23 December 2016, today update server Singapore, Malaysia and Singapore | SSH Free 23 Desember 2016 India and Pakistan. SSH Putty 22/23 12, 2016 Egypt and Nigeria. (SSH 24 Jan 2017 Poland and Netherlands). Understanding, the type, the function of the Web Server and Cloud Hosting. In this modern era, computers are increasingly experiencing rapid development, both from its function as well as from his physical form. His ability to manipulate data and issuing output in the form of information is very beneficial for us, which we often call its storage data server. For more clear, let's discuss in more detail about understanding, types, and functions from the server. A server is a computer system that provides a particular service on a computer network. The servers are equipped with components in it, i.e. the processors (are scalable), large RAM, operating system and network operating system or commonly called network operating system. Same is the case with printer software, also operated by administrative servers that also control access to the network and the resources contained therein, as well as providing access to a workstation network members.
Type of Server Functionality As task & in providing the service against the client computer, here we explain the type and function of the server. Application server/application server, which serves as a repository for a wide range of applications which can then be accessed by the client. Data server/data server, which is used to store a variety of data to be processed into information that can then be accessed by a client who was assisted by the server application. Proxy server/proxy servers, which have a role as a regulator of traffic on the network through its proxy settings, or better known as components to connect a client computer to the internet.

How understanding web server? Meanwhile, the definition of a web server is more accentuated as the large data storage media on the internet are able to be accessed quickly and cater to a large traffic. More precisely, this kind understanding: the Web server is a software systems (software) that provides service-based data and have the function to receive requests from HTTP/HTTPS on the client that it recognizes. Usually we know by the term we browser such as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. The result is then sent back in the form of some web pages which are usually in the form of an HTML document.

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