Latest SSH 17 January 2017 Singapore: SSH Free 18 1 2017

Monday, January 16, 2017
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(Fast SSH 17 Januari 2017 more about server Singapore and Malaysia). (SSH Account 18 January 2017). SSH Squid 17 - 18 Jan 2017 update again new server America and United Kingdom. The benefits of Cloud Computing for Disaster Recovery (DR). How are our readers? Hopefully, always in good shape. On this occasion the author will share information about the benefits of cloud computing. Cloud computing has many benefits in data storage-your data is one of its benefits is for disaster recovery (DR). Any company would want to protect its operational activities from downtime and data loss. However, not many companies have the expertise in depth and sufficient budget to carry out disaster recovery (DR). DR solution that conventional generally spend a lot of money, very complex or elaborate and not always reliable.
Latest SSH 17 January 2017 Singapore: SSH Free 18 1 2017
Cloud computing can be an interesting alternative for companies who want to do the efisiensai or may lack the IT resources to anticipate the occurrence of disasters. Cloud computing can reduce data center space needs, infrastructure and resource IT leads to cost-efficiency significantly. Cloud computing, virtualization, based on taking a very different approach to DR. Through virtualization, the entire server including operating system, applications, patches and the data is encapsulated into a single software bundle or virtual servers. Throughout this server virtual can be copied or backup to offsite data center and rotating on virtual host in a matter of minutes. Virtual server is hardware independent, so that the operating system, applications, patches and the data can be transferred securely and accurately from the first data center to data center without the burden of second reload on every server component. This automatically reduces the recovery time compared to conventional DR approach (non-virtual). On a conventional system of DR who, the server must be preloaded with the OS and application software and patched with the last configuration used in production before the data is restored.

By using the replication SAN-to-SAN inter site, hot site DR in a short time can be recovered. The excess is rarely found on the system DR convencional because need testing and costs. One of the most exciting capabilities of the DR on a cloud is the ability to provide multiple-site availability. SAN replication not only provides fast fail over to the DR site, but also the ability to return to the place of production when DR test or catastrophic events over. Applications and servers that are considered less important in a disaster can be lowered slightly its resources and it is certain that the most important applications get resources as needed to keep the business in order to walk through the disaster.

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