Premium SSH 29 January 2017 Singapore: SSH File 30 1 2017

Saturday, January 28, 2017
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(Fast SSH 29 Januari 2017 about host America and Singapore). (SSH for Mac 30 January 2017). SSH for iPhone 29 - 30 Jan 2017 new update hosting Luxembourg and Slovakia. Apache and Litespeed difference on the Hosting Server. For friends-friends who often deals with web hosting must have been familiar with the name of Apache and Litespeed. Both types of servers run by web hosting. Initially I never pay attention to what is Litespeed and also what is Apache. I know this is precisely when I am overloaded on the CPU but I already wear business hosting package which is the highest shared hosting packages that I use at the web hosting service providers at this time.
Premium SSH 29 January 2017 Singapore: SSH File 30 1 2017
What is the difference Litespeed and Apache on the Server Hosting? LiteSpeed webserver is the latest technology that will most likely replace Apache in the future. LiteSpeed has the capability of 50% faster than Apache in processing PHP and 6 x faster than Apache. LiteSpeed also has a level of resources (resources) of Apache, so performance such as CPU and RAM hosting became lighter. On the same resource specification, Litespeed is able to handle higher than Apache traffic on a web site.

Easy it is to look at the features in the hosting web site, if the web hosting using Litespeed will usually display these features on their sites because it is its own excess. If not then you can ask at CS of web hosting. Maybe when you compare a matter of efficiency, in the same price range, hosting Litespeed has a resource specification that is lower than the Apache.

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