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Wednesday, January 11, 2017
Free SSH 12, 13 Januari 2017 today update more server secured shell Singapore, Japan and United States. SSH Windows 13 January 2017 Germany and Russia. SSH Unlimited 12/13 1, 2017 Austria and Poland. (SSH for Windows 13 Feb 2017 Canada and Denmark). The notion and function of the Domain Name System DNS ( ). in the Internet-based information technology and of course the existence of DNS or domain name system mandatory and highly beperang important to all webmasters, especially for webmasters who did have a profession in building a website or blog. Even more than that almost all aspects of the use of internet technologies either use DNS definitely email, browsing, ssh/telnet, ftp, or applications contained on your Android phone.
Premium SSH 11 January 2017 United States++ (SSH New 12 1 2017)
But according to his understanding, the experts of the Internet said that is the DNS is a distributed database system is regularly used to search the name of the computer on the network using TCP/IP. DNS or domain name system has the advantages of an unlimited database size, and also had a good performance to support the continuity of a website for easy access by all, If reviewed on a more complex, in DNS will be used to contain information on hosts in an area or zone in the internet itself. This DNS name server will also automatically be able to access other servers to retrieve the data hosted in other areas. Name server will provide information for clients who need information about DNS itself, now for more details the following main functions the system DNS (Domain Name System) service on a server.

Encrypt the IP number into a name-the host name (hostnames) or vice versa, with the translation of encryption is this DNS makes it easy for someone in memorizing a domain name. In addition, the function of DNS can be used to give an information about a host to the entire network to the internet. One of the advantages of the DNS (Domain Name System) service on a server is very easy to use because users are no longer complicated to remember the IP address of a computer that will certainly be very difficult to remember, it is enough to remember the name of the domain or host name then we can already access a website or application that we want to use.

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