Best SSH 26 February 2017 America++ (SSH Squid 27 2 2017)

Saturday, February 25, 2017
Account SSH 26, 27 February 2017 about server America, France and United Kingdom. SSH Premium 27 February 2017 Canada and Holland. SSH Server 26/27 2, 2017 Korea and Japan. (SSH Hosting 28 March 2017 Germany and Indonesia). Standalone Server Hosting – a Website that has been built to need a "home" for all the features that owned the Website accessible to others online and the public. The House is a server. A server is a computer that is designed and programmed with the operating system so it has a special function as a carrier of other computers (client). A server computer usually has special programs and applications that are installed, while other computers (clients) to access the application through a network (LAN or Online) without the need to install the same application. A server computer is very physical specifications required to have very high compared the specs of the computer in General, this is because the server computer have to do computing in large enough quantities and must be prepared to stand by in a long period of time anyway.
Best SSH 26 February 2017 America++ (SSH Squid 27 2 2017)
A server computer can accommodate many applications or websites are divided based on space and its needs, and able to withstand the access from client-client application and users of the Website. A hosting services typically use a server with system collocation that is doing the partition of a computer server into several parts, and each partition is owned by a single user or a Website hosting service. It can be concluded also that we can create a Website that we have can be accessed online by creating a standalone server without having to hire a hosting service. But that comes to mind is how do we build a decent standalone servers so that our Website can be accessed by the user. The following will explain about things that should be noticed in building a standalone server.

To build a standalone server, it is recommended to purchase a server computer instead of the original standard computer server which abal-abal. It is due to a special server computers or the original has been configured to be able to survive doing a lot of komputas in quite a long time (even almost 24 hours). Types of computer servers that exist in the market is divided into two types, namely computer server types of rack and tower. For those of you who only need level access on an instance or the environment, it is recommended to use a computer because the computer server rack type that almost resembles a normal computer just that its specifications are different. For those of you who need regional access to the national level, we recommend that you choose the type of rack because of this type can be upgraded with a way to combine multiple computer server in a rack of servers. For standard server computer specifications are as follows: for computing using Intel Xeon Processor (8 m Cache, was 3.20 GHz). In order for the performance of the server computer can use 8 GB RAM stable type DDR3L. For Hard Disk can use SATA type with a minimal volume of 500 GB to 1 TB because data applications on the server computer will be very much and are comulatif. The operating system can use Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008, Ubuntu, CentOS and others as his. To access the more stable it is strongly recommended to use the operating system of LINUX. Supporting application servers such as Web servers, Database servers, FTP, SSH, and so on.

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