Account Free SSH 8 March 2017 Singapore: SSH 9 3 2017

Tuesday, March 7, 2017
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(Server SSH 8 March 2017 full speed server America and Singapore). (SSH Premium 9 Maret 2017 Australia and Poland). SSH Windows 8 - 9 Maret 2017 India and Pakistan.Today the internet has become an almost needs and activities performed by each person. Start of looking for information, just a status update on the social media, communication through the application, to trade online any time there have been many. Even a recent online public transportation systems are popular. This became the motivation to learn about the world of the internet. We often hear the term website, a good blog or site is private, corporate, organization, social media, online sellers, or search engines like Google. A website that is already online can be accessed from anywhere by anyone would of course require a Hosting and Domain.
Account Free SSH 8 March 2017 Singapore: SSH 9 3 2017
For the needs of the case, of course, need the space to store all the data online website, either in the form of images, text, or video that helps explain each product sold so that visitors can see the shape and detail even the price of the product. In a website, space to store all the data this is what is meant by the Host, where the owner of the web can save all data on the host available, so then web Hosting terms.

Surely to have a domain, or we usually rent per year to the domain provider, not necessarily the name that we wish we could have, because as it was earlier informed that any web address in the form IP address will not have the same address, this applies also to the domain name itself, if the domain name which we will use already exists, then we should look for another name , or use a different domain extensions. The specified extension is the suffix of a domain, for example, we know the term .com, .net, .org,. PS,. co.id and others.

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