New SSH 7 March 2017 United States++ (SSH Free 8 3 2017)

Monday, March 6, 2017
Server SSH 7, 8 Maret 2017 more about server America, Singapore and France. SSH Account 8 March 2017 Malaysia and Vietnam. Best SSH 7/8 3, 2017 Premium server United Kingdom and Germany. (SSH Free 9 April 2017 Canada and Poland). Resolve Resource Limit Reached. May have many hosting providers that implement some of the Cloudlinux operating system as the server hosting. For the hosting provider of the profit share resource such as RAM and Processor to all users equally. Advantages for the client's website will not be heavy at the moment there is one user who spends the resource. However if your website is really crowded visitors, or indeed the weight from side scripts such as wordpress plugins, etc. Cloudlinux is certainly be a hindrance, because when use of the resource limit has exceeded the limit, the website will not function and appear error message "Resource Limit Reached" and had to wait until sufficient resource.
New SSH 7 March 2017 United States++ (SSH Free 8 3 2017)
When the website is indeed heavy, and it is really crowded visitors solution is indeed an upgrade to a higher package, which gives a higher resource limitations, or move to a VPS/Dedicated Server service. However, have to pay a larger fee. This can be diakali with the Cloudflare. In addition to functioning as a CDN, cloudflare also serves as an acceleration of the website, as well as the security of the website. If your website often appear "Resource Limit Reached", try some of the following ways.

Activate the Cloudflare through cpanel. How to enable the cloudflare can be seen in the article Setting the CloudFlare in cPanel. For basic setting can go through cPanel, for advance settings directly through the cloudflare login page at https://www.cloudflare.com/login. When you first login please takan on the link I forgot my password. After login, press icon gear in the selected domain, then the Cloudflare Setting. And directly go to the tab Settings Ferformance.

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