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Thursday, April 20, 2017
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(Update SSH Server 21 April 2017 about best server America and Singapore). (SSH Bitvise 22 April 2017 India and Pakistan). SSH Server 21 - 22 April 2017 Peru and Brazil. VPN (VIRTUAL PRIVATE NETWORK). A VPN is a private network is flexible. Understanding VPN is a Virtual Private Network or specific communication channels for efficient use of the internet network. VPN is typically used by companies that need your own space on the internet. For example, the business community that needs its own network security on the internet doing various activities within its environment on its own. VPN topology operates on a different and more complicated network from point to point. The function of the VPN is to provide highly secure connections between private networks that are connected over the Internet. This allows remote computers act as if being on the network LAN.
Virtual Private Networks have a popularity in the past for not only lower costs but also improve and expand the capability of the network. Because the VPN functions are able to connect your employees from anywhere in the world to corporate computer networks and they can continue to carry out important tasks in a timely and employees can remain connected to the intranet network of the company.

Features And Functions Of A VPN Is? Virtual Private Network or VPN is a system that allows your computer to an extensive network of geographically without any physical barriers. VPN network shapes are categorized as in wide area coverage. VPN support functions like remote access clients, network access to a LAN local area network to another, and also makes the function of internet restrictions. The reason companies use VPN Function is because of the need to provide special access or create a special access for employees who must a car because a VPN is an active global network of intra so employees from anywhere can connect to the internet and corporate internet.

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