Fast SSH 20 April 2017 Singapore: SSH Premium 21 4 2017

Wednesday, April 19, 2017
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(Hosting SSH 20 April 2017 all about hosting America and Singapore). (SSH Android 21 April 2017 Japan and Korea). SSH Premium 20 - 21 April 2017 Uni Emirate Arab and Iran. A Dedicated Ip Address? What Is The Need? Of the many features and extras offered hosting provider hosting out there, a dedicated IP address may be the closest thing the controversy made the owner of the website. Is it necessary? What is useful? Dedicated IP address are required for user server dedicated? Debate still continues until today. There are a lot of input from experts to anyone making a special video lasts long to explain it. What is clear, whether you will use a dedicated IP address or not is your decision, but here are some things that you can learn about IP address and is expected to be able to help you when taking decisions.
Fast SSH 20 April 2017 Singapore: SSH Premium 21 4 2017
What is IP Address? This is a completely separate part of the domain name or the URL of the site. IP address (Internet Protocol) is the sequence number that is assigned to each device that is fully accessible to the internet. If the domain is the address website — the location where the site can be found on the internet — the IP address of the computer is the unique label that allows internet, website, to identify specific devices when these devices are accessing the website. Computers and mobile devices have a unique IP address each. However, for shared hosting where hundreds of thousands of sites reside on the same server, each hosting account is associated with all of these sites will have the same IP address.

For SSL Certificates. Suppose you are developing an e-commerce site. If you provide credit card payment methods you will certainly ask them to enter credit card information and other personal information, and you should provide security to protect all such information using SSL. If so you must have a dedicated IP for SSL cerificate enter into the site. Hosting service provider usually will charge an additional fee for either a dedicated IP and SSL certificate, but some are already covers these costs. We recommend that you make sure about this feature.

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