Free SSH 24 April 2017 United States: File SSH 25 4 2017

Sunday, April 23, 2017
(Hosting SSH 24 April 2017 more about server America, Malaysia and France). (Akun SSH 25 April 2017 Turkey and Iran). SSH VPN 24 - 25 April 2017 Thailand and Hong Kong. Cloud Server-understanding, its benefits, how it works and sample Cloud Computing. Cloud Server in General, definitions of cloud computing (cloud computing) is a combined utilization of computer technology (computing) in a network with the development of the cloud (cloud) which has the function to run a program or application via a computer – the computer connected at the same time, but not all of the connectioon over the internet using cloud computing. Computer technology-based system this Cloud is a technology that makes the internet as the central server to manage data and user applications as well. This technology allows the user to run the program without installation and allow users to access their personal data via a computer with internet access.
Free SSH 24 April 2017 United States: File SSH 25 4 2017
The Benefits Of Cloud Computing. All Data is stored on a Centralized Server. One of the advantages of cloud technology is allowing users to save data is centralized in one server based on services provided by providers of Cloud Computing itself. In addition, users also need not bother bother again provides infrastructure such as data centers, media storage/storage etc because all available virtually.

High flexibility and scalability. Cloud technology offers versatility with ease of data access, when and wherever we are with a note that the user (user) to connect to the internet. In addition, users can easily increase or decrease the data storage capacity without the need to purchase additional equipment such as a hard drive. Even one of the IT world notable practitioners, the late Steve Jobs (co-founder of Apple) says that buying the physical memory to store data such as the hard drive is useless if we can keep him virtually/via the internet.

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