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Thursday, May 4, 2017
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(New SSH Server 5 Mei 2017 today update again server America and Singapore). (SSH Squid 6 May 2017 Iran and United Kingdom). SSH Free 5 - 6 Mei 2017 Australia and France. In the hosting business often we know the term Shared Hosting in hosting packages are sold. For beginners the internet may not be so obviously the intent. Can we explain briefly the definition or understanding of Shared Hosting is a server that is used to put (read hosting) some web site. This server is a computer that has access and can be accessed continuously on the Internet and have a static IP. The function of the server is providing a service on the network. Since this is a web server then serves to provide service in a network the internet. Some of the services provided are TCP-IP, namely http, ftp or telnet. In this server also likely installed some other applications such as database services (Mysql or SQL Server), email services, or service statistics.
Account SSH 25 April 2017 Singapore: SSH Squid 26 4 2017
The excess of the cost of hosting is Shared Hosting is cheaper, because a single server is used for multiple accounts/web site. While the shortcomings we can auto summary as follows: the performance is not as good as a dedicated server because it must serve some web site. Level of privacy is not as good as a dedicated server because it can be accessed by many accounts.

Choice of Shared hosting or Dedicated hosting is dependent requirement. For applications that do not require the load of the server (server process), the use of shared hosting is not problematic. But if we build a web site that requires server load is high then the choice of a dedicated server we need to think about. An example of when we build applications as powerful as Facebook, MySpace or detik.com. Then the choice for beginner shared hosting is already more than enough. And most of the web site using the shared hosting. In the development of your website, then we can upgrade our web hosting to a dedicated server after a mature business calculations. Because of the cost to hire a dedicated hosting quite a burdening the budget.

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