Free SSH 20 Mei 2017 United States++ (SSH Host 21 05 2017)

Friday, May 19, 2017
Best SSH Squid 20 May 2017 full speed hosting America and Singapore| Account SSH 21 May 2017 about hosting United Kingdom and Germany. Fast SSH Server 20/21 05, 2017 Poland and Malaysia. (SSH Free 20 MEI 2017 Japan and Korea). The easy way to Understand TCP/IP, TCP/IP is the Foundation of all network and internet communication in any form. From the main Facebook, download files, chat is included when you update antivirus all use the TCP/IP protocol. Explanation here I created for lay people and beginners who are learning network. I tried to explain by analogy and if there are more good looking chain analogies I am wrong, please in the correction.
Free SSH 20 Mei 2017 United++ (SSH Host 21 05 2017)
TCP/IP that ap, anyway? easy set language is a set of rules that make two or more network devices can communicate. TCP/IP it can be analogy with human language. If two people speak different languages, for example Java, messages between two people is not going to fail. Well, the network is also not much different, before tcp/ip there are lots of ' language ' of communication that is not standard. Well TCP/IP network to standardize any/software computer can communicate. This TCP/IP may be in analogy with the English that is global. TCP/IP is Global and not bound to the operating system or Computer hardware. So with TCP/IP, our computers can communicate with the server, a windows computer can communicate with Linux and Mobile Application Users can Chat to communicate though the user Line exists that uses iPhone, Android or Windows.

How to transfer data, UDP/TCP? When we use our network, there are two methods used i.e., TCP and UDP, the difference between what? TCP = the Transfer Control Protocol TCP data transfer is the technique that will guarantee the achievement of data sent. This is similar to the way the company shipping the goods the guarantee and insure the package you send. They dare to guarantee the reach stuff. The way it is used on the internet when we chat, open the website, send an email and download. UDP = User datagram protocol UDP is a way of transferring data that there is no guarantee the data up to the user. An example is internet radio broadcast, when your computer asks for an IP to the server (obtain ip automatically) and When asked for the address of a website. The question? why the otherwise reliable survived? The two main reasons are because the Protocol is simple and usually used to "broadcast" of the data.

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