Premium SSH 24 May 2017 Singapore: SSH File 25 5 2017

Tuesday, May 23, 2017
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(Fast SSH 24, 25 May 2017 account premium hosting America and Singapore). (Fast SSH 25 Mei 2017 United Kingdom and Columbia). SSH Gratis 24 - 25 May 2017 Vietnam and Thailand. Understanding and the types of Hosting services available on the Internet. And then, more importantly which ones should be first between the domain and hosting in building a website?. Well, now my turn to ask, approximately where the more important between the left brain (always looked at with logic) or right-brain (always looked with empathy) when you guys want to do something?. Obviously, the answer is, yes you guys obviously need both of them. So also with the domain and hosting, is actually a function of the two is also the same – are equally important. As a function on our brain to complement each other. In the absence of a domain, the website does not have a name. Without any hosting, website is simply a name without any contents therein. So, approximately like that brief explanation about hosting. Yuk, continue to the next discussion.
Premium SSH 24 May 2017 Singapore: SSH File 25 5 2017
Before you hire a hosting, there are several types of hosting you should know first. Among them: Shared hosting: i.e. the type of hosting services used together – the same. So the bottom line for one server is used by several people at once. The service most frequently used by people-people. Because the price for this type of hosting is affordable rent is cheaper than the other types of hosting. like just a hotel. So, in one House there are many rooms right? and the price offered is certainly cheaper than we contracted home. So it's like that's the definition of shared hosting that I know of. VPS (Virtual Private Server): 

is a hosting service with levels above shared hosting. why the above shared hosting? because, here we wear a virtual server (used alone). So that we can control our hosting freely, without having to be divided by the other. This type of hosting is suitable for those who have a blog/website with high traffic numbers. Dedicatad server: and for this type of hosting is a dedicated server. Hosting service is different from the second hosting service above. Why? because, we are going to rent a server where the server that will manage our own, we set our own, the point holds full control over the server it is. This service is suitable for those who want to pioneer a hosting business.

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