Fast SSH 5 June 2017 United States ++ (SSH Premiium 6 06 2017)

Sunday, June 4, 2017
New SSH Server 5 Juni 2017 hosting America, Singapore and Canada| Premium SSH 6 June 2017 ssh hosting Japan and Korea. Account SSH 5/6 06, 2017 Italy and Germany. (SSH Account 6 Juli 2017 Indonesia and Thailand). OpenVZ. This type of virtualization is the most popular, most often we see in promo2nya by   VPS providers in the lowendbox etc, the following advantages of openVZ – it's cheap, there   are even some providers who dare give away for free – high specification, there are   offering vcpu 8 core and up to 8 GB of ram with a price of $7-10an monthly other   advantages of OpenVZ is a dynamic management system offers among other things : memory   usage, number of processes, the level of CPU usage, disk space usage, and others all of   which it can be change in the conditions fixed VPS running.
Fast SSH 5 June 2017 United States ++ (SSH Premiium 6 06 2017)
Why openVZ could offer a cheap price with high specification? because the openvz designed   could be done, for example, overselling on the host server hardware specifications   (Center) 32 GB of ram, then the seller can sell to 100 buyers and each get 1 GB ram! with   the calculation of any average consumer use only 30% of the ram, then the seller will   get a profit more with extra 68GB sold, the buyer ever feels lucky because low prices   could gain maximum ability VPS with 1 GB of ram.

KVM (Kernel-Based Virtual Machine). Unlike the openvz virtualization with KVM, VPS has its   own dedicated RAM and CPU per their user, so more VPS performance guaranteed and does not   affect other VPS and be in one host/server. KVM is arguably a semi dedicated server   advantages of KVM is able to use OS besides linux, such as windows server 2012 but KVM has   drawbacks, too, if you're using KVM, when changing RAM, CPU or hard drive size then a VPS   should in turn off and on the restart, could not in the circumstances of life/running like   in openVZ VPS prices any more expensive KVM from openVZ because the seller cannot do   overselling, therefore it is usually the VPS specifications are FREQUENTLY lower than   openVZ. for users of the website that requires a resource type AGC high, or websites that   have hundreds of thousands of UV per day I recommend choosing a VPS with virtualiasasi KVM   so that your website's performance is assured. VPS service provider example KVM: ramnode,   digitalocean, vultr etc.

SSH Gratis Premium: Port 443, 80 Version Dropbear : Port 109, 143 is OpenSSH Server Secured Shell America, Asian and Europe:

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