Fast SSH Server 2 Juli 2017 Singapore: SSH File 3 7 2017

Saturday, July 1, 2017
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(Create SSH 2 Juli 2017 today update again hosting America, France and Germany). (SSH Hosting 3 July 2017 Vietnam and Malaysia). SSH Windows 2 - 3 Juli 2017 Australia and Poland. Get to know some of the features and functionality in Cpanel. This time I introduced several features and functions that exist in cpanel. aja directly without the stale Base again the following features and functions that are in the cpanel File Manager. You certainly know the function of Windows Explorer in the Windows operating system. Well, the File Manager has the same function. To set up directories and files. Disk Space Usage. This feature provides the quickest way to see the amount of disk space used by each folder. From here we can monitor whether space hosing we have teralokasi correctly, or is there other anomalies that cause our space runs out.
Fast SSH Server 2 Juli 2017 Singapore: SSH File 3 7 2017

Bandwidth. This function allows you to view the bandwidth usage of your site. This includes all activity good HTTP (web), POP (mail), and FTP. FTP Accounts. Through this feature we can create FTP accounts and limit the movements so that can only upload or download data from the specified directory. For FTP, you need a third party program like FileZilla, CuteFTP, etc. FTP Session Control. You can use this function to see who is currently logged in via FTP to your site or terminate the FTP session without permission to your site.

Mysql Databases. Through this feature, we can create a database, user, and set the access rights of each user. As the name implies, a data type that is supported is MySQL. phpMyAdmin. If the features of MySQL databases function creates the database, then the features of phpMyAdmin function to edit the tables from that database. Remote MySQL. Here, we can access the database without login to cPanel used to be. We first have to whitelist the IP used to our computer through the Remote features of MySQL.

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