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Friday, October 16, 2015
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(SSH Free 18 Oktober 2015 great hosting ssh Indonesia and Singapore). (SSH VPN 18 Oktober 2015) ssh squid 17:18 Oktober 2015 Australia. Good morning all and happy holidays. for the morning this week I will create an article that will be in the post today. in this article I will discuss about the kinds of VPS. Before we learn how to install panel vps-it's good to know we are used to these kinds of unmanaged vps commonly offered by service providers. VPS such as OpenVZ, KVM, XVM and HyperV so that it can determine the type of the VPS to be used. as well as for Monday's later we will update and share more articles that discuss hosting and webhosting.
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OpenVZ VPS that is kind of in principle works in kernel, i.e. the share of each kernel will be used by multiple users. This type is the most widely offered by the seller because the use of hosting resource which is quite low. Deficiency of VPS hosting is usually the seller. OpenVZ will normally continue to receive new user so that will impact on the declining performance of VPS in one node, and also when there is a user who uses a resource in excess it will have an impact on other users who are in a single node.

KVM (Kernel-Based Virtual Machine) is a type of KVM VPS which is capable of doing a full virtualization in kernel level and allow it to interact directly with the hardware. VPS type KVM also supports full use of Windows and linux operating systems. The ability of the VPS KVM better compared to OpenVZ though with the same specs. HVM (Hardware Virtual Machine). HVM is very similar to KVM virtualization hardware support i.e. in full and can be fitted to the windows or linux operating system. Advantage is the company's got the support of HVM called XEN. Users of HVM mostly from corporate.

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