Fast SSH 9 March 2017 Singapore: SSH Host 10 3 2017

Wednesday, March 8, 2017
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(Free SSH 9 March 2017 update again premium server America, France and SIngapore). (New SSH 10 Maret 2017 Iran and Turkey). SSH Windows 9 - 10 March 2017 hosting Mexico and Peru. Virtual Private Server (VPS). Web hosting is a service that is higher than a shared server. Although 1 server is still used together, but the number of users was restricted. In addition, each VPS will get similar features with 1 physical server, such as access to the root-as well as the sharing of the resource the CPU and memory server which is more certain. Known as Virtualisation (not be confused with the concept of shared hosting Yes). 
Fast SSH 9 March 2017 Singapore: SSH Host 10 3 2017
Because it has access to a wider and more resources, the price of a VPS is more expensive. Range from 10 USD' an-per-month. VPS suitable if site visitors you already reach the range of thousands or even tens of thousands each day. Dedicated Server. Is a web hosting service where 1 dedicated servers used for 1 user. Thus, the whole processing CPU and memory server belongs to 1 person. Needs like this match if the site already has traffic that has already reached tens to hundreds of thousands of visitors each day.

Cloud Server. Is a type of web hosting that is relatively new, along with the popularity of the service cloud. In this, the various server type server (could be thousands) of connected computing and provides combined. Thus, resources are available almost unlimited. The unique thing is, if the server type is another limiting the use of a specific limit, with in-cloud hosting, we can set up a more flexible usage. But due to cloud hosting is still relatively new, not a lot of web hosting providers provide these server types.

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