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Wednesday, November 18, 2015
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(SSH Free 19 November 2015 all about hosting Singapore). (SSH Squid 20 November 2015) ssh txt 19:20 November 2015 hosting Canada. Before understanding what influences in web hosting DNS, it is important to get to know more about DNS in all. DNS is a system that stores information about the hostname or domain name in the form of scattered data base (distributed database) in computer networks. For example, the user type www.google.com.au in the search field of your browser, then going on the request that is sent to the local DNS server, and then recursively local DNS server will ask other DNS servers to find the requested record.
Essentially DNS is a hierarchical naming system network similar to the telephone book. DNS stores all information about the location of the website, and change the domain name from the words that can be read by a human being into a format that supports communication computer i.e. IP Address.

More than just a domain name is simple. A domain name can be managed by the registrar or the provider of the domain. After domain registration is done, it will be recorded in the database of otoratif each organization internet domain extension. For example, AUDA .au manage extensions. This helps to prevent two of the same domain name, and ensure that only the correct one record for each domain name. When the DNS domain names, see it done with how we read it upside down. For example, www.google.com.au, DNS will first search the Group eksteni. au which was then narrowed down to the URcom.au and final group. checking the record google.com.au.

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