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Tuesday, May 31, 2016
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(New Client SSH 1 June 2016 this about web hosting Singapore and Malaysia). (Download SSH 2 Juni 2016 Peru and Brazil). More hosting SSH 1:2 06 2016 from data center Japan and Hongkong. Already feel its website many access and feels slow? or there is a desire to explore the website optimization techniques, the course aims to get the most optimal performance. For techniques that will be discussed, this environment I use is Linux-Apache-Mysql-Php (LAMP). collaboration opensource which I think has already proven to be reliable for servers with a high load.
There are several phases and approaches from the side of technology that can be done to achieve this goal. In addition to tuning configuration for each application, we can also install third-party applications or use additional features that have been available from the application. * This article only covers a short description of each technique. not yet discussed is technically as well as comparisons between the advantages and disadvantages of the product.

Web server more quickly respond to request static files (js, css, jpeg) or html file for the content. and if the Web application is using the framework (cakePhp, symfony, codeigniter), CMF (drupal) or CMS (Joomla, PhpNuke), normally have available module/class/addon for this type of caching techniques. cache files are generated that application will be saved to disk, then make sure there's still room on the disk to be able to store the cache files.

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