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Tuesday, October 20, 2015
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(SSH Free 21 Oktober 2015 All about server hosting Indonesia and Singapore). (SSH Gratis 22 Oktober 2015) Fresh SSH 21-22 Oktober 2015 India. Good morning all, and also on Wednesday I will be discussing the latest article is certainly very exciting to we discussed, where on this day I will posting articles about the sense and the superiority of the VPS. Virtual Private Server or VPS is well known as a semi dedicated server. A dedicated server means that one server is full or intact and only used by a single user, not used to sharing with other users. for Thursday's later or tomorrow we'll update again posting the latest who will discuss about secure shell or SSH.
free ssh 22 oktober 2015
Why VPS is said to be a semi dedicated server? This is because the VPS itself is part of a dedicated server (server intact) that with virtualization technology, the VPS can be broken down or split into multiple servers with a resource like the OS (Operating System), CPU, Memory, Disk Space and other separately or in other words the VPS dedicated servers is made into several virtual servers.

One of the reasons why you should choose a VPS is a dedicated resource or just for a single user only and can perform the configuration on the server according to the needs of its own. This is very different from the shared server (shared web hosting) that will share the resource with thousands of other users and certainly not possible do special configuration on your shared server because the configuration changes will apply to all users who are on shared hosting.

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