Latest SSH 31 July 2016 Singapore- (SSH Version 1 08 2016)

Saturday, July 30, 2016
File SSH Host 31, 1 Juli 2016 full speed hosted America and Singapore| SSH Unlimited 1 Agustus 2016 Denmark and Poland. SSH Account 31/1 08, 2016 Argentina and Brazil. (SSH VPN 2 August 2016 India and Vietnam. TYPES OF HOSTING PLANS TO CHOOSE FROM FOR YOUR WEBSITE. Dedicated server is the last option if all the types previously mentioned hosting hasn't been able also to meet the needs of our website. Here, we were the ones who held full control because it is our own proprietary servers. Affairs such as the installation of the Operating System, web server configuration, and security is the responsibility of us fully. When choosing a dedicated server, You are strongly encouraged to have its own special team to handle the server. As an alternative, we may also use third parties to manage it. Free to do anything, it was the one which became the advantages of a dedicated server. We can utilize 100% ability from the server only for the website that we have. So it is able to run great websites. Nevertheless, we ourselves also who is responsible for everything that is done on the server. The cost to have a dedicated server is certainly the most expensive when compared to a hosting service has been mentioned elsewhere.
Latest SSH 31 July 2016 United States++ (SSH Version 1 08 2016)
This type of hosting for a website is Managed. This is a great solution if you want to switch from shared hosting but don't want to dizzy with complex server configurations. What distinguishes the VPS (unmanaged) and managed VPS is the presence of a third party that manages the server for us. We do not need to be complicated with the installation and configuration of the server, just focus on his website only. That is, we'll get the convenience as in shared hosting and VPS reliability. More value from managed VPS is the existence of others who maintain the server needs to us. And usually people who manage is people who are experts in the management of the server. However, the price offered for the managed services will be more expensive compared to shared hosting or VPS.

This type of hosting for a website is a VPS. In contrast to shared hosting places numerous websites, at our VPS as if it has its own server with separate resources. Although virtual server exists only, we will get a dedicated memory, CPU, and also the IP Address on each VPS. If shared hosting likened as a hotel, then a VPS is considered the rented house where we do not need a variety of bathroom and parking places with others. Usually the website with high traffic that was not able to be handled by the shared hosting will switch to VPS. In terms of performance, the website is run on a VPS is relatively better. Advantages of VPS. We can upgrade the server easily. For example add memory allocation when the increase of traffic in the websites. Lack of VPS this is we need to have a good server management capabilities. VPS requires us to set up and install your own what-whatever it takes. For example, we need to install a LAMP or LEMP stack yourself when you want to run a PHP and MySQL based website.

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