Latest SSH Free 16 September 2016 America++ (Config SSH 17 09 2016)

Thursday, September 15, 2016
Update Unlimited SSH 16, 17 September 2016 about premium hosting secured shell United STates, Columbia and Malaysia| New Account SSH 17 Sep 2016 Spain and Italy. SSH Password 16/17 09, 2016 Canada and Peru. (Akun SSH 18 9 2016 Indonesia and Malaysia). Factors Influencing Site Speed  Nowadays, it seems that world has been changed fast. Everything are made as fast as possible so there are a lot of tools offering fast working during the operation. We can find many vehicles that are upgraded with high-speed engine for gaining the best speed or a lot of web server promising fast access. Many phenomena show that speed becomes priority to fulfill human needs, especially for site speed. In 2006, there was surprising news stating that 100-millisecond increase occurs in the server speed or 1% increase for them. Your web server where you usually host your own website will get a significant impact toward the loading speed due to some reasons.
Latest SSH Free 16 September 2016 America++ (Config SSH 17 09 2016)
Server Location. First, your website-server location will highly determine how far your computer and website visitors are. If most of the visitors are in the UK, it will be faster for people hosting their website in the UK than one in the US or Australia. Thus, it is normal for people that are so far from the UK get slower-speed loading site.

Software and Hardware Quality Your software and hardware quality can also influence the loading time. It is highly recommended for you to choose reputable hosting companies such as Bluehost, GoDaddy, Siteground and so forth for their reliability and performance. Thus, whatever you choose for your website, it will be good for you.  It will pay a great foundation that is crucial for your website. Some services such as CloudFlare can improve the loading speed of a website significantly. However, there is no substitute to have a good choice of web hosting to start with.

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