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Thursday, October 27, 2016
SSH Gratis 28, 29 October 2016 about new server secured shell France, Canada and United States| Linux SSH 29 Oktober 2016 Germany and Netherlands. SSH Account 28/29 10, 2016 Malaysia and Thailand. (SSH Server 30 Oct 2016 Denmark and India). Understanding Storage Server DAS, NAS and SAN. The differences and functions of Storage Server DAS, NAS and SAN in computer networks – Storage server is a server that can store servers in a very large capacity. Storage server also have 3 different technologies i.e. DAS, NAS and SAN. To be able to choose one of them, then of course there are some things that should be considered individually by you, such as only as much data capacity you need, interests of data backup, the cost and much more consideration to the other.
Type of server options is often referred to as hybrid options. These servers typically use a dedicated server or a tool that can serve an array of storage. In General, the storage is usually divided into several clients at the same time on all the existing Ethernet network. This NAS server typically utilizes the transfer on the upgrade file. NAS storage usually has lower startup costs though if compared to DAS. This makes NAS storage is also used by small and medium-sized as well. You can also use a variety of different protocol to share files for example protocol such as UNIX, CIF and also NFS. Typically NAS using array storage ISCI targets that can be shared across the entire network. This network can also be configured so that the throughput of the network becomes more maximum.

Storage type SAN this is a perfect solution for medium-sized business to big business. Some of the infrastructure needed by the SAN is SAN Switch, HBA, cable, fiber and also disk controller. One of the hallmarks of this storage is the ability to share your storage server to multiple servers. This will allow you to perform configuration of the storage capacity you need. But with the performance which of course is better than the two servers that have been described above, the SAN server has a higher price. Besides SAN also has inherently are much more complex to manage.

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