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Tuesday, November 15, 2016
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(More Fast SSH 16 November 2016 today update again new host Singapore and America). (SSH Unlimited 17 November 2016  Canada and Germany). SSH VPN 16 - 17 Nov 2016 Indonesia and Vietnam. What Is Dedicated Hosting And How To Choose A Provider? A shared hosting account is often enough for small companies who are just starting out on the web. Easily allow them to establish an online presence, their brand and product positioning, and start collecting leads or sell goods. However, when the company started to grow and the business of taking, or when the site becomes larger and more complex with the corresponding increase in traffic, a website can be slow, lag behind, start or stop responding at all. That means the site needs more resources than are available and shared hosting is no longer enough. It's time to see the dedicated hosting.
Of all the terms used by hosting companies, dedicated hosting is probably the most easily understood. It just means that the web server is really dedicated to the needs of a client. There were no other customers sharing machine or resource, and clients can manage and then use the server in any way it sees fit. It can host one of a very large website, host a number of smaller sites, or even let other companies use multiple servers if you choose.

With special hosting packages, clients do not have a server. This is just the rent, and the cost and maintenance of the machine is included in the monthly cost of the client. The price of a box of special majority based on the types and specifications of your computer (for example, customers will pay extra for a more powerful processor or additional memory) and the amount of bandwidth allocated to your account. Whether or not the server administration and support included in the price of special hosting packages depending on the individual web host, as does the question of who has the responsibility for software and operating system upgrades. Dedicated hosting gives the client a full root access to the server, so it can be configured as you wish.

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