SSH Update 29 November 2016 Singapore: SSH Squid 30 11 2016

Monday, November 28, 2016
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(SSH for Mac 29 November 2016 about server Malaysia and Singapore). (SSH Client 30 November 2016 Japan and Korea). SSH Config 29 - 30 Nov 2016 today update new server Belgium and Slovakia. Cloud Hosting Infrastructure difference. I am in this paper will not justify what infrastructure platform nicest or the most severe because everything will be back again to the manager or administrator of the linked server. Cloud hosting is that less can also manage down longer than conventional hosting are managed well. Shared hosting Dedicated servers conventional one that contains all the service in the form of a webserver (apache / nginx / LiteSpeed), database servers (mysql, postgresql, MariaDB), MTA exim, dovecot imap pop3 and others.
Shared hosting is a conventional type 2 split service on several different server that is sharing the web server, database server and mail server. It is intended that if one service or drop down the other service can still be used. There may be selling shared hosting type 2 with a complete package or it could be like we were selling their packages separately. Along the rapid growth of storage and virtualization technologies will emerge the term cloud. The term cloud hosting itself does not actually exist and that there is the term "cloud computing"

Cloud hosting is basically built on a virtualization platform is supported by the storage technology used together. Virtualization can be easily created, destroyed, moved to another server node, enlarged capacity of the disc, enlarged memory because of the ease it called cloud like pre-paid electricity. Virtualization can exist on one server at node 1 or node 2 and if server node 1 trouble then run on a virtualized server node 2.

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