Fast SSH 29 Maret 2017 United States++ (SSH New 30 3 2017)

Tuesday, March 28, 2017
SSH Gratis 29, 30 March 2017 about hosting America, France and United Kingdom. SSH File 30 Maret 2017 Italy and Germany. SSH Hosting 29/30 3, 2017 France and Italy. (SSH 30 April 2017 Australia and Holland). Why Needed Needs Analysis Server? Analyze the needs of Server indeed so important role for the creation of a communication on the network between the server and the user (user) that can minimize the presence of a shortage even eliminate an obstacle that might occur between the two. By analyzing the needs of the server, then it is time that we use need not take a long time, where before we start practices, we already know in advance the risks and know how to overcome by way of analysis, rather than directly practise without going through the process of analysis in advance.
Fast SSH 29 Maret 2017 United States++ (SSH New 30 3 2017)
Why needed needs analysis in determining the needs of the server? Needs analysis before determining the needs rather than the server is indeed of utmost need to be needed because of the Association to find out what kind of server that will be built in a network. E.g. choose operating system. 

The selected operating system is indeed expected to be able to run all of the application requirements desired by its users (user), which indeed includes hardware (hardware) that can support to run the application program that you want. When the server needs analysis has been conscripted to reviewed with deep whatever it takes are indeed fit that is friendly with users (user), then this can reduce drag, and can minimize the deficiencies in time to come.

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