Premium SSH 10 April 2017 Singapore: Host SSH 11 4 2017

Sunday, April 9, 2017
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(Create SSH 10 April 2017 update again hosting America, France and Canada). (SSH Hosting 11 April 2017 Update again premium server Canada and Poland). SSH Hosting 10 - 11 April 2017 Peru and Brazil. Random Access Memory (RAM), also called memory, a computer is a device (hardware/hardware). RAM is a type of computer data storage in tools that are temporary. This means that when the computer is turned off, then all the instructions or data that has been dsimpan in ram disappears. So the function of the Ram to store temporary instruction from the computer to remove it to the output device. There are several types of RAM, SDRAM, DDRAM, EDORAM, RDRAM, VGRAM etc.
Premium SSH 10 April 2017 Singapore: Host SSH 11 4 2017
EDO-RAM has a function like RAM, but this type of work has the ability to very high and fast in reading and transferring data. EDO-RAM shape is SIMMS (Single Inline Memory Module). Early Results in 1995 found development from FPM RAM, road at clock 33-66 mhz and has 72 pins away. The memory is SDRAM that can mengases data or information faster than EDO-RAM. The form of SDRAM is a DIMM (Dual Inline Memory Module). system in the computer may run out of balance, in other words the time processing data faster and efficiently.

RDRAM is a high-speed memory, only to support the Pentium 4. the main difference compared to DDR RAM lies in how to manipulate this data. memory on the RD RAM data on sport in the series while DDR RAM to process data parallel, RD RAM was the one who first wore Dual Channel technology. DDR RAM is memory type SDRAM, the next generation has the skills of two times faster than SDRAM. DDR RAM memory slot has a number of the pins over much of this memory, SDRAM has a characteristic clock 266/333/400 MHz FSB, 184-pin, 2.5 volts, in use on a computer Pentium IV platfrom up or the like is a result of regeneration of SD RAM, 2 x has the speed of SDRAM in accordance with length of Double Data Rate is due in 1 clock able to carry/to access the amount of data as much as 2 bits in the appeal of SD RAM which only holds data of 1 bits per clock.

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