Free SSH 30 March 2017 Singapore: SSH Config 31 3 2017

Wednesday, March 29, 2017
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(Best SSH Server 30 March 2017 more about hosting Japan and Korea). (SSH Account 31 March 2017 Italy and Australia). SSH Gratis 31 - 30 Maret 2017 Indonesia and India. The difference in the IP Address, Domain and Hosting. What exactly is the difference between IP address, domain name and hosting? In fact, a website consists of the files URindex.html, URindex.php, (. css files and ) and many other databases. If you have a website, then certainly you want the website can be accessed at any time of the desired user. Therefore, the website that you have should have the IP address, domain name and hosting as well.
Free SSH 30 March 2017 Singapore: SSH Config 31 3 2017
So users can view a website, they need to know the internet address where the server that has hosting with website files. This is called an Internet Protocol address or IP address which is shaped like this: If you for example to type the IP address in a browser such as Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, Safari, Chrome, then it will be shown a page google.com. It is not possible for a person to remember hundreds of IP address if you want to visit a lot of websites every day. Therefore, this domain name plays. Every machine that is connected to the internet has an IP address, such as Xbox, mobile phone, fax machine, dispenser or even just have a soda machine IP address. IP address like a license plate of the car or the phone number that shows ownership of a person.

A domain name is an easy to remember address of a website. You will surely prefer to type "www.google.com" in comparison with the type "" in a browser, though both will lead you to the same page. Have a domain name is not mandatory, but you will probably be the only owner of the website where the user must enter the IP address of a complex to be able to visit your website.

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