New Premium SSH 21 March 2017 Singapore: SSH 9 3 2017

Monday, March 20, 2017
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(Best SSH Server 21 March 2017 hosting Singapore and United States). (SSH Unlimited 22 Maret 2017 Japan and Korea). SSH Account 21 - 22 Maret 2017 United Kingdom and Spain. Understanding website. The definition of a Website or web is a set of pages that are made up of several pages that contain information in digital form be it text, images, animations, which are provided via the internet so that it can be accessed from all over the world. The website is basically divided into two sections, namely: static websites: the web is the native land has not changed, usually to make changes are made manually by changing the code. Static website information is in one direction, namely information only comes from the owner of the software, can only be updated by the owner only. An example of a static website sense, namely corporate profiles.
New Premium SSH 21 March 2017 Singapore: SSH 9 3 2017
Dynamic websites: the web page is always updated, usually there is a backend page (the page administrator) that is used to add or modify content. Dynamic Web requires a database to store. The website has a dynamic two-way flow of information, which is derived from the user and pemillik, so update can be done by the user and also the owner of the website. An example of this dynamic website sense, i.e., Friendster, Multiply, Facebook. Elements Of The Website. The Domain Name. The address is unique in cyberspace (internet) which is useful for finding a website. Generally this URL in buy / sell with a system of annual rent. And usually behind this URL wouldn't have the suffix corresponds to your location and interests over at her website.

Web Hosting is a room in the hard disk as storage of data, files, video, email, database, and others that will be displayed in the website. Programming language is a language used to translate each command at the time the website is running. an example of the language program, i.e. JavaScript, XML, JSP, HTML, PHP, and others. Website design is crucial. Visitor comfort factor should be applied if you want to make a website. Make an interesting website that visitors are easily in its use so that it will continue to visit your website.

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