Free SSH 4 Juni 2017 United States++ (SSH Squid 5 6 2017)

Saturday, June 3, 2017
Account SSH 4, 5 Juni 2017 more about hosting America, France and Germany. SSH Premium 5 June 2017 Vietnam and Malaysia. SSH Squid 4/5 6, 2017 Iran and Turkey. (Akun SSH 6 July 2017 Japan and Korea). Determine The Specification Of The Server Computer. The server computer is a computer that is used as a data storage Center. There are a variety of uses such as data storage, web server, mail server, etc. On a post this time we focus on the home server and the office server. Office server is usually used in offices for the purposes of the work so that the entire Office is arranged in such a way that the server computer into the Center and staff-staff Office is the client from the server. As for the home server is the server that is used in the home as a data center. Post this time I will give tips on matching server computer specifications according to the needs that are required.
Free SSH 4 Juni 2017 United States++ (SSH Squid 5 6 2017)
The Important Part Of The Specification Of The Server Computer. The server computer is composed of a variety of components that we can choose, same as spesfikasi computer Assembly. The server computer to build-up its specifications had already been determined based on existing types, whereas if you assemble your own computer server you can define your own. The following are the important parts in the specification of the server computer.

Processor I divide it into 2 parts as well i.e. Intel Xeon and Core i7/i5 (hashwel). For most good computer servers use Intel Xeon because performance of the processor is designed specifically for the server. Setting stability, cache, etc better than processor in General. For a regular processor core i7/i5 can stay if you so the server but its performance results will be lost with the Xeon when serving client-client in the network. Core i7/i5 suited for individuals because it is faster. If you ever put on your intel Xeon must have felt, if you use the server computer that will impress the slow. Indeed Xeon slow if used in Server computers but in the process of servicing client Xeon faster and stable.

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