New SSH 18 Juni 2017 United States++ (SSH File 19 06 2017)

Saturday, June 17, 2017
Premium SSH 18, 19 June 2017 about hosting server France, Canada and Singapore| Free SSH 19 Juni 2017 Turkey and Holland. Fast SSH 18/19 06, 2017 Saudi Arabia and Japan. (SSH Gratis 20 July 2017 ). Cloud Backup Service Uses As A Key Business Process Continuity. Continuity of business processes in an enterprise determine the performance of the company. Planning related to the implementation of the IT-based applications already arranged in such a way so that it will hopefully run well under normal conditions. But there are things – a very important thing that is often missed by the company, that company will not forever be in normal circumstances. There is the possibility of disturbances and disasters, whether that comes from the natural, human, or technology that would attack the company.
New SSH 18 Juni 2017 United States++ (SSH File 19 06 2017)
This resulted in the activity in the company will be halted for a moment, a moment or even paralysis, which of course would negatively impact both in terms of financial and non financial against the company. Anticipation can be done by making a policy of making copies of data (backup) which will be used to restore data in case of reconstruction of companies such as disruption or disasters, so that the continuity of business processes of a company remain secure after the disruption or disaster.

The backup process in information technology is the making of copies of backup data, so that a copy of the backup data can be reused at any time – in the aftermath of loss or damage to data (Unsalted & Wahyuningsih, 2011). Backup designed to protect vital business processes from damage or disasters that occur naturally or man-made. Backup strategy is being run to minimize the consequences of the disorder and seeking passage back business processes of an enterprise, so that the existence of backups ensures that companies can restore it systems and business processes, so labor in companies can go back to work, serve customers, collecting revenue, and the company can continue to operate.
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