SSH Gratis 13 June 2017 United States: File SSH 14 6 2017

Monday, June 12, 2017
(Hosting SSH 13 Juni 2017 secured shell America, Malaysia and France). (Premium SSH 14 June 2017 Turkey and Iran). Create SSH VPN 13 - 14 June 2017 Japan and Korea. Virtual Private Server. If you subscribe to the VPS, then it is as if you have a server on its own. How it works, a server like in the picture above is divided into several parts in accordance with the resources or the resources so that each part can run its own operating system. Often a server can be divided into dozens of VPS. The virtual division system called system virtualization. There are 2 types of virtualization, namely virtualization-based operating system, and hardware-based virtualization.
SSH Gratis 13 June 2017 United States: File SSH 14 6 2017
VPS suitable for websites that have a lot of visitors, websites that require privacy and security and special websites that require special settings but has limited costs if must subscribe to a dedicated server. If likened to a House, then a VPS is like a rented house in which every room has doors that singly connected directly to the home page. Then each signed non residents carrying furniture each and play music suit his taste without worry about disturbing the room next door. Each such resident has its own House when in fact they only lived in a room of a large House.

Dedicated Server. If you subscribe to a dedicated server, then a physical server will be used by your own so that you can install operating systems and control panels and make arrangements in full against the server. If likened to a House, then a dedicated server is just like a home that is occupied by one family only. The family then freely want to paint her house the color of what free, put up wall-paper, free to accept any hour guests and other freedoms like staying in your own home. However a home stay is located in a residential complex. Then the family remains should not make a noise which can interfere with the other occupants of the complex.

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