List SSH 18 December 2016 Singapore: New Premium SSH 19 12 2016

Saturday, December 17, 2016
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(Best SSH Server 19 December 2016 fast server Singapore and United States). (SSH for Mac 19 December 2016 China and Saudi Arabia). Create Free SSH 18 - 19 Dec 2016 India and Vietnam. Google in fact arguably a bit late compared to Amazon's cloud computing services to provide them. But with   his popularity and support technology, Google is finally starting to catch up with Amazon in the Cloud   Computing Industry. The first impression appears when try Google Cloud Platform (GCP) feels is lack of   service or service compared with AWS. Some of the services that exist in the GCP are as follows: the Google   Compute Engine (GCE), a Virtual Private Server (VPS) GCP or people often refer to it in terms of cloud   computing with IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service). In this VPS we should download your own setting of the   needed applications on servers such as web servers, databases and so on. GCE is calculated per minute except   at the first 10 minutes which is calculated per 10 minutes, next billing GCE is per minute. It makes the GCE   can be more economical. Another plus is a storage space that can be chosen between HDD and SSD options with   a space.
List SSH 18 December 2016 Singapore: New Premium SSH 19 12 2016
The Google Application Engine (GAE), PaaS (Platform as a Service), the service we do not have to initiate   the installation of the server and the device supporting applications such as web servers or the database,   because it is already provided in the GAE. Because this was already provided that cause the GAE being   limited to a few technology. Until now the technology that can run on a platform of GAE is java, python, and   PHP Go. With the GAE is free-tier where we upgrade to paid version and GAE are automatically adjust   the resources that are there to serve the increasing traffic.

Google Cloud Storage (GCS), is a service of goolge in terms of storage. One of which is quite proud of   Google is the connection between their data centers worldwide using Google's own network instead of using   the internet, so more awake and faster. Google Cloud DataStore (GCD), is a service-based storage. GCD is for   NoSQL database which is used to store Non-Relational data. GCD have SQL query interface that makes it easy   to operate.

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