SSH Premium 18 December 2016 America++ (SSH Config 19 10 2016)

Saturday, December 17, 2016
SSH Hosting 18, 19 December 2016 new update secured shell Singapore, America and United Kingdom| SSH Account 19 December 2016 Italy and Australia. SSH Squid 18/19 12, 2016 Poland and Slovakia. (SSH Tunnel 20 Jan 2017 Japan and Korea). Respond to business interests, the infrastructure has become the object of corporate rate especially for   those engaged in the field of technology as well as digital. The dynamics of the coloring reflects the rapid   motion of how the industry is fully operational innovation. Existing technology infrastructure undertook to   offer solutions of cloud computing as the alternative. "Infrastructure in the era of technology is clearly   very important, without the infrastructure there is nothing we can do. But if it's merged into the   infrastructure of a cloud, then the answer so it's a little different. the cloud infrastructure is just one   alternative to the provision of infrastructure, so obviously there are alternative solutions.
SSH Premium 18 December 2016 America++ (SSH Config 19 10 2016)
What is Orchestration? In the context of IT, the orchestration is the automation of commands with the   management and coordination of the services and the software complex. That became a challenge is the process   of orchestration that is above the clouds (cloud). The process consists of integrating between the processes   that have been running from a variety of different system environments, in different locations.

Fixed you guys need the faster technology and its utilization in large. The requirement to follow the   business trends that continue to transform, uses an increasingly reliable IT infrastructure. Not a few big   companies adopt and leave the range of the process or technology during the business trip from time to time,   leaving a gap of automation developed as different elements because the compatibility factor. Then there   will be a point where the automation system alone is not enough help, there is the role of the concept of   the orchestration is needed. The goal is to automate the configuration, set up software   and its interaction in the sphere of infrastructure. Included in it is automating the workflow required in   running the service. Orchestration platform provider of some of them was BMC, CA, Vmware, and others.

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