Best SSH 24 January 2017 Singapore: Hosting SSH 25 1 2017

Monday, January 23, 2017
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(Account SSH 24 Januari 2017 update more server Singapore and Indonesia). (Fast SSH 25 January 2017 Bulgaria and Poland). SSH Account 24 - 25 Jan 2017 hosting Mexico and Portugal. Get to know HTML, CSS, Javascript and PHP for Web Designer beginner. In the previous article has explained how to become a web designer, where one of the trick is to learn HTML, CSS, Javascript, and PHP. For now, we'll be a little review about it by providing understanding to you who might be interested to learn about web design. HTML is the basic language of the create web. HTML is not a programming language (programming language), a markup language (markup language), there are plenty of web programming language aimed at manipulating the HTML code, such as JavaScript and PHP. HTML displays a variety of information in an internet web browser and a simple formatting of hypertext files are written in ASCII format (American Standard Code for Information Interchange) in order to produce the look of a form of integration.
Best SSH 24 January 2017 Singapore: Hosting SSH 25 1 2017
JavaScript is a scripting language that is popular on the internet and can work in most web browsers such as   Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer, and others. JavaScript is a web programming language that is Client   Side Programming Language. Client Side Programming Language is a programming language type process is done by   the client, which in this case are Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. JavaScript was originally functioning to   create interaction between the user and the web site become faster without having to wait the processing on the   web server. In a further development, Javascript created for various purposes such as more modern animation,   chat features, modern effects, games, and others.

PHP is the programming language of the server-side script that is designed for web development. PHP server side programming language called because PHP is processed on the server computer, in contrast with the Javascript that are processed on a web-browser (client). PHP can be used free of charge and is open source. To create a web page, the PHP programming language is not actually required to use. We could just make a website just use the HTML only. The resulting Web with HTML and CSS is known for its static website, where content and web page are fixed.

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