Fast SSH 10 April 2017 United States: Host SSH 11 4 2017

Sunday, April 9, 2017
(Premium SSH 10 April 2017 update again server America, France and Germany). (Premium SSH 11 April 2017 Japan and Korea). SSH Hosting 10 - 11 April 2017 Iran and Denmark. The Reason Why The Use Of The Server Better Than The PC Made The Server. Almost all companies both small and large have a server as a data storage base whose value can be the same as the company itself. There are a lot of secrets in a server, from the heart of the company's system until the transaction information. Bearing in mind its function is so great it's no wonder if the server with price. Because the price is so expensive, some companies choose making his PC as a server. Actually you will be a great loss when not selecting a server, there are at least 7 reasons why the server is much better.
Fast SSH 10 April 2017 United States: Host SSH 11 4 2017
In this article I will show you points of the technical side of why you should choose the server and instead of using a regular PC server was made. Processor is the heart of the server, the server with the use of intensive processing power should have more number of more than one processor. On average a server using 2-4 processor to ensure they can perform complex calculations at the same time quickly and precisely. Memory on the server using the ECC type 1 error bit in which can be corrected by the system, this will speed up the process because the server does not need to repeat the transaction caused by bit errors.

Servers need a large capacity to hold all the data of the company or for the database, the data is very important so that the large capacity and reliability of the storage media is absolutely necessary. When data need more space, we can buy an extra hard drive and can be coupled directly to the server easily without the need to shut down, it can of course avoid unnecessary downtime. The server is usually configured with RAID 5 for data online spare. With a configuration like this if 1 or 2 hard drive fails, the data on the server is still intact. Imagine a hard drive fail occurs desktop PC, what can you do about it?

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