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Sunday, November 22, 2015
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(SSH Akun 23 November 2015 update server Singapore). (SSH Indonesia 24 November 2015) ssh vpn 23:24 November 2015 best hosting Germany. Using free domains and hosting in blogging is an option and certainly everyone has their own reasons. But an awful lot of the benefits of having your own Domain and Hosting or paid actually we can get. In General, the decision to purchase a domain and hosting by the blog owner is usually a serious blog owner to manage the blog and would like to have full control over their blogs and not tied to some of the rules when we participated in the free blog platform.
Full Control Over Your Blog. This is our full control apart from a few such rules at the moment we are blogging in Blogger, for example though not explained in writing however for blogger who posts the article too much in one day on Blogger so it could be just an account or blog Dashboard will be locked by the blogger. Obviously this is very detrimental if you have a great blog and you have a lot of other authors on your blog.

Look more serious and professional. If for professional level whether a blogger that cannot be described in writing, just by changing the domain and hosting to paid version then we will "looks" more serious and professional in managing the blog. More SEO. Because in levels compete in search engines on the internet then the dotcom domain would be more superior than the other free subdomain or domain. Surely thus likely articles we get to the first page of the search engines is getting bigger. New update best server secured shell or SSH premium and unlimited data center Asia and America:

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